Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Nails: Revlon Colourstay 230 Bonsai

This is the first of my nail polish reviews. I intend to do these fairly regularly, although there will be a hiatus while I'm travelling, I imagine. Without more ado, here goes.

I picked up this polish recently because I was in Boots, and they had 3-for-2 on Revlon nail polishes, and it was pretty.

Okay, first off, the formula. It's a nice balance between goopy and thin. I've been a fan of Revlon polishes for years, and I'm glad to see that it hasn't changed much. It goes on nicely, without streaking or pooling. It covers my ridges easily, and doesn't show up the other imperfections in my nails. I got good opacity out of a single coat, although I used two out of habit. The brush does pick up a little too much product, but it splays out nicely, making it relatively easy to cover the nail in a couple of strokes. I'm unsure about the long term wear, having only had it on for a day so far. It is very rare for a polish to last more than 3 or 4 days anyway, between the way I treat my hands and my application skills.

I love the colour so much! It's a very vivid, slightly olive green, with tiny gold shimmer particles in it. The photos below shows it against my Colour Me A Season (CMAS) Spring fan, strip 30. It matches the B and A shades reasonably well in real life. Whether the colours go with my colouring - well, that I don't know.

Will I be using it again? Yes. This is definitely a keeper. I'm a sucker for bright nail colours, especially metallic or shimmery or opalescent ones.

In other observations, my fingers are really wrinkly. Guess I'd better get my paws on some hand cream and start using it. 

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