Tuesday, 21 May 2013

EB Samples galore - Light Spring Greens

I'm testing a lot of makeup samples from Elea Blake. This first round was from their Light Spring colours.

Highlight - Relaxed
Shade - Jolly
Contour - Lawn Parties
Liner - Natural Collection Eye Lines kohl in Olive Green
Mascara - Collection 2000 in Teal

Blush - Wicked Cute
Lips - Pink Flamingos

First of all, the eyeshadows are nice to work with. They blend easily, are highly pigmented, and don't have too much fallout. Colour-wise, I love them! Whether or not they really suit me is, of course, a matter of opinion. They do bring out the green in my eyes, though.

The lip gloss is quite nice on. It feels fairly moisturising, although I am unsure how long it'll hang around. It's very similar to my natural lip colour, and fairly sheer. Nice enough, I suppose.

The blush ... well, in these photographs, it's mostly my own skin doing the blushing, not the blusher. I didn't really go crazy and draw giant triangles, that's just my skin doing it's thing. Should my skin decide to calm down today I may try to take another photograph. In the meantime, before my skin went pink, the blush seemed to go quite nicely with my skin tones, and it isn't too awfully obvious. I am a bit cautious about blusher for reasons aptly illustrated above - that is, I blush plenty already, and don't really want extra blushing going on.

Overall, I quite like the colours I've tried today. I'm most happy with the eye colours, and will seriously consider purchasing those in non-sample sizes in the future.

Update: I took some closeups and face shots a bit later, once my skin had calmed down.

So, there's my shaky technique on display. Bearing in mind I can't see what I'm doing when I'm doing this, though, I think I didn't do too badly. This is also a few hours after application and some absent-minded eye rubbing. 

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