Thursday, 1 August 2013

Nail polish review: Butter London "Yummy Mummy"

I got this polish as part of a sample box from Latest In Beauty.

I'll say this up front: I would never have chosen this colour, because I loathe it. Brown and pinky brown and me do not go together. It's not a bad colour, it's just ... not me. At all.

That said ... the polish itself isn't bad. Butter London do 3-free polish (no formaldehyde, touluene, dpb). So that's good. It goes on easily enough, and I got opacity in two coats. The only reason it's a bit dodgy in the photos is because I used my hands before waiting for it to set. So my bad, really. No streaking, not too viscous, not too runny, although I prefer a stubbier brush than the one it has.

If it was only a green or purple or something, I'd love it, I think. As is, however, I'm glad I didn't pay full price.

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  1. I'll have it! :D It's possibly a little cool for me but I think I could get away with it. Definitely too soft/brown for you. Looks Soft, not sure whether SA or SSu.

    1. Sure, I'll bring it with me next time I'm over ... or possibly send it back with someone who visits. Can't mail nail polish internationally from the UK at present, although I seem to recall rumors that might be changing later this year ...

  2. I like the colour on you - it seems to suit quite nicely.

    1. I put a layer of Hemlock (opalescent greenish kind of clear) over it, and now I like it :P But ... in real life, it looks like I have a disease or something. might show what I'm talking about a little better ...

      And on the other hand, it's also just a colour I don't like :P Picky, picky is me.